Go to your local bike shop!

I have spent some time over the last week riding arond the area the best I could. I decided to stop by trek bicycles to get some help with a ride route that would't include dodging traffic the whole way. I'm not sure why it has taken me a month to swing by the LBS (Local bike shop) but it is something every biker should do when in a new city.
For some reason, we are all afraid of looking stupid and feeling inadequate when it comes to biking. I am guilty as anyone in this category. When I left the house, I made sure to drive my Xterra rather than the minivan, I donned on a T-shirt from an old bike race, and I took my bike off the rack, so I wouldn't be judged for an old bike....
What was all this song and dance about? Pride. Truth is, I need to get over myself. These guys don't care at all! They love to help, they don't expect you to buy anything, and they want to talk about the biking you do in your home city. Get over yourself and visit the LBS in your town/city.

What are you afraid of?


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