thewilsonheart - broght to you by God...and by Arby's... or just by God

OK, So we have documented basicallly everything we could possibly think of during our experience here with Josiah. However, there is one story that we have yet to share with anyone. So this is the story we never told you.
The night before Josiah's Norwood procedure Erin and I had decided to stay with him late into the night. Dr Bradley had only given us a grim outlook on the upcoming surgery. We had to take a break from his bedside vigil for a while during the shift change, so we got some fast food and took it out to the courtyard to eat.
Neither one of us were hungry so we sat in stunned silence while our food got cold. We held each other and cried a bit, prayed and cried some more. Then I reached into my Arby's bag and pulled out a perfect heart. What?
Erin and I began laughing uncontrollably. We didn't know what to do with it, but promised each other to say nothing.
My jalepeno poppers had fused together to make a perfect heart the night before an intense heart surgery. Wierd?


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