Working with Students: Do you have a plan?

When I began working with students a number of years ago, I found that there was tons of material available for teaching, but I had no real parameters for how to run, plan, or schedule a student ministry. With the school year about to take off, I am getting in an awesome new group of 6th graders, so I am preparing for what the next year will look like for us. Here is one thing that I feel transfers to every student ministry.

The calender is your friend
I publish a semester newsletter called The Scoop, (Spring, Summer, Fall) with all the events for our student ministry listed. This forces me to plan out 4 months in advance. This may seem difficult, but the reality is, it is much more difficult to fly by the seat of your pants. I plan one event per month. Why? I have found that students need a boost sometimes to get them excited about what is happening in RidgeStudents. I should not be the only face they ever see, and I am not nearly as good as some of the other speakers available. Not every month is equal however. Some months/events are very low key and low stress. Kids have sports, schoolwork, and families. I don't try to over-do it.

Here is my template for a typical year's calender

September - See You At the Pole - prayer
October - Scavenger Hunt - fun day
November - Christian Concert - worship
December - Operation Christmas Child gift wrapping - service

January - Paintball - fun day
February - Ski Trip - fun/spiritual growth
March - Conference - spiritual growth/worship
April - 30 hr Famine - service

May - Water Park Day - fun day
June - Churchwide Mission trip - service
July - summer camp - spiritual growth/worship
August - Amusement Park - fun day

Hope this is helpful!


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