How to get the most out of your unlimited cell phone texting plan

These instructions will be for Verizon wireless users.

Ok, so most of us have unlimited texting plans. If you do not, this post should convince you to do so. Your normal Verizon texting plan does not include data usage, or internet usage... I'm here to tell you that you do not need it, so don't buy a data plan. Here is why.

Enter text to emailing capabilities. Every Verizon customer has an email address associated with their texting plan. For every number you have an email address: This is your texting email address. Also, your account associates a picture messaging account built the same way: This vzwpix email address is your ticket to data package freedom! Any email address in the world can send a message to you by using one of these addresses. (use the vzwpix address, it works better) Again, the only charge here is for a texting plan, which in my case is unlimited.

You can do a lot of interesting things over email without a web connection or data plan– you can read any webpages over email, maintain your task list, convert documents, upload photo and videos, get dictionary meanings of words and more.

Just make sure that you have added the following 10 addresses to your email address contacts, and phone address book: (I found this top 10 list here) The key to using these services, is to send an email as a picture message to each of the following servces.

10. – You have an Office document or a picture on your computer or mobile phone that you wish to convert into a PDF file. Just email that file an email attachment to the above address and it will soon return to your Inbox as a PDF file. [koolwire review]

9. – Flickr provides a unique email upload address here – you can send your photographs to this email address as attachments and they’ll show up in Flick Photo gallery almost instantly. The subject line of email becomes the photo’s title while the body of the email becomes the photo’s description.

8. – This is like filling data in a travel spreadsheet through email. You can use this address to gather and record your travel expenses while on the road. [xpenser review]

mobile blogger

7. – You can use this address to post pictures on any Blogger hosted blog. Any picture that you send to this email address will appear as a new blog post in your mobile blog. You can also use this service to post regular text entries to your Blogspot blog. In that case, the “Send to Blogger” email address is available under Blogger Dashboard.

6. – If you have (one or more) PowerPoint Presentations and PDF documents that you quickly want to share with friends, just email the files to Slideshare and they’ll instantly turn them into a web slideshow. [Slideshare upload options]

5. … – YouTube member can create an MMS profile here – if you have a video clip on your mobile phone or comptuer but no access to YouTube website, you can easily upload that video file to YouTube through that email address. [Details on Youtube Email upload]

4. – Send a PDF document to this email address as an attachment and it will come back as a plain text file. Handy when your don’t have a PDF viewer to open the PDF document. Alternatively, you can send the PDF file to for conversion to HTML format. [Extract Text from PDF]

3. – Google Docs provides a unique email address here – you can upload your documents, spreadsheets and presentations to Google Docs through this address and read them on your mobile phone using the just launched Google Docs mobile at [Google Docs Upload]

remember-the-milk 2. … – When you signup for Remember The Milk, you are assigned a unique email address. Emails sent to this special address are automatically converted into tasks and appear in your Inbox. Click on Settings -> Info -> Inbox Email Address. Very handy for keeping a track of your unfinished tasks and getting things done while on the move.

1. – Get the dictionary definition and synonyms of any word by sending a blank email to this email address. Make the subject line as: define myword

And now the most useful email address that will help you read webpages through email without requiring a web connection:

0. – Send an email with the URL of the web page in the Subject field (e.g. and you’ll soon find a copy of that web page in your Inbox. A perfect option when there’s no Internet access in the area or access is restricted (for instance, you want to read the BBC homepage in China).

Another similar service is – it will also fetch websites for you through email though in this case, the site address should go in the body of the email message.

These web-to-email services will come extremely handy for receiving on-demand Stock quotes (for the current Google stock price, type, weather updates, currency exchange rates (for USD to INR, type and more.


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