Why have a blog for twitter posts?

Here is my twitter blog. Why would I have one?

I have multiple twitter feeds that I like to post to. I use my cell phone texting plan to do this, but twitter gets confused if you try to send multiple sms commands from one phone plan. Enter text to emailing capabilities.

Every Verizon customer has an email address associated with their texting plan. For every number you have an email address: your-10-digitnumber@vtext.com This is your texting email address. Also, your account associates a picture messaging account built the same way: your-10-digit-number@vzwpix.com. Any email address in the world can send a message to you, and you to them by using one of these addresses. (use the vzwpix address, it works better) Again, the only charge here is for a texting plan, which in my case is unlimited.

I used www.twittermail.com for a while, which allows me to email in my tweets, but I have found their service to be unreliable, since the site was bought out by a different owner. But now, I have found text-to-email-to-blog-to-twitter to be a great option... although a little complicated...

Here’s a step-by-step guide to building your own Twitter client that lets you tweet using regular email or phone texting.

Step 1: Go to blogger.com and create a dummy blog (say, mytwitter.blogspot.com)

Step 2: From the Blogger dashboard, go to Settings -> Email and set up your own private mail-to-blogger address – something like abc.twitter@blogger.com – save this email address to your mobile phone address book.

Step 3: Go to twitterfeed.com, login with your OpenID and associate the feed mytwitter.blogspot.com/rss.xml to your twitterfeed account.

Step 4: Go to advanced settings, and tell twitterfeed to publish the description only, and update every 30 minutes.

That’s it. When you have something to share with the Twitter universe, send that as an email, or text message to the address created in Step 2. Your tweet may take few minutes to show up on the Twitter homepage but it will be there definitely.


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