Your breath fills up my lungs... now I'm free now I'm free!

Many of you have been following our story over at If not, you may be suprised to hear our son came home from the hospital Monday morning after 222 days at MUSC.
Tuesday morning at 4:59am however, something went terribly wrong and I found myself doing CPR on my son while Erin talked frantically with 911, and bagged him.
At 5:16am, before my eyes and in my hands I saw my lifeless blue son respond to the chest compressions and oxygen we were giving him. 5 minutes later he and Erin were wisked away in the ambulance, but Josiah was fine and we all knew it. The transformation was obvious.
This experience will change me forever... no question.
The thing is, as believers in christ we have had this same type of experience. Rom 6:23 says "the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life!"
Without Christ humans are cold, pale and blue inside, but he has breathed LIFE into us!
Will you live forever changed by the experience?


  1. Brother I thank God that He gave you the soundness of mind to do what was physically necessary to save your child's life. I just recently found your story via Twitter and have been praying for your family. My family has gone through some similar health related trails, when it involves your children it takes God's strength to stand! You guys obviously know where your hope comes from... you are an inspiration!



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