Circle C Ranch and camp ministry...

I have spent the last few days getting final prep done for our RidgeStudents trip to Circle C Snow Camp 2010. ( I am totally pumped about the trip, and our students seem pretty excited too.

I can't tell you enough about this place called Circle C Ranch. The impact that one weekend of camp can have on a student's life is really remarkable.

I attended Circle C every year from 8yrs old to 15. Then I worked there for the next 4 years as a wrangler and a counselor. Again and again I can trace parts of my spiritual journey back to this place.

3 years ago when I had the opportunity to bring my youth group to Circle C, I did so wondering if my childhood memories had slanted my decision making in making the 12 hr trip.

Turns out, my memories did not lead me astray. Our kids are challenged, our chaperone's are encouraged, am personally I am motivated by the teaching at Circle C to be a better Youth Pastor and leader. Oh, and by the way we have a blast!

So, I am a huge believer in camps and camp ministries, and obviously Circle C Ranch specifically. What about you? What camp experience helped you go stronger in your faith? Will you empower your students to do the same?


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