Preaching a Sermon Multiple times

Pastors often return to a sermon that "preaches well." This was the case for me when preaching on Moses. However, I find that the sermon never comes out exactly the same as previous times. Why? Because God tends to breathe words into us as we prepare our hearts to preach. He lets us know what the particular crowd needs to hear that particular time. This is the sermon a year ago at Below is the sermon a month ago at

1-9-11 How Moses Lost His Margin from theWELLbuffalo on Vimeo.
Sometimes it seems like the only way to keep up with all the demands on our lives is to run at maximum capacity—and then some. Even Moses struggled with leaving enough space for God and for rest. But there is another where we have room to breathe and space to respond to what life brings our way. Come, join a conversation with Milo Wilson as he explores what it means to live with Margin.


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