Parenthood: Discipline

The subject of parenting is something that I get asked about often as a pastor. I have been a student pastor in the past, and parents often would ask me what to do with their child. Truth is, I am still around 8 years away from having my own teenagers, and my kids haven't started school yet. I am sorely inadequate when it comes to personal experience. However, the Bible does have a ton of principles for parenting we need to consider. Check out the conversation we had at theWELL a few weeks back.

05-15-11 Parenthood Discipline from theWELLbuffalo on Vimeo.
If you have kids or even thinking about them, you won't want to miss this four week series that explores what God's Word has to say about all things parental. Whether they're bawling, crawling, walking, talking, driving you crazy, or asking to drive your car, kids are a gift from God - and He provides some very clear guidance and insight on how to raise them to be full of faith and focused on Him, rather than leaving you frustrated, frazzled, and fatigued.


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