The Queen City Farm

This post was written by my beautiful wife Erin

God had a divine appointment, that we were unaware of, for Milo and me yesterday.  We decided to take the girls to their cousins soccer game last night.  Their cousins live in downtown buffalo so the game was at  JFK park downtown.  Milo and I were sitting in the grass watching and I was eavesdropping on a conversation that was happening between two men sitting beside me.  I was debating on interrupting their conversation because it had become obvious to me that they were Christ followers who were trying to live out God’s love and serve the city of Buffalo. Finally, one guy made mention of getting some support from local churches that may be willing to help their efforts.  The other guys then said, “I’ve heard of this church called theWELL.” That was my obvious cue to interrupt their conversation!  God is so AMAZING!  
Milo and I then had an awesome conversation with theses two men for the next hour.  Steve and Rod are in the middle of serving the city of Buffalo.  Steve is pastoring a church plant called Vineyard and Rod is trying to revitalize a community through urban farming and hoping to start a home church.  Rod has started a farm on a 3acre vacant lot on the east side of Buffalo.  He is trying to provide fresh, local food to a community that would otherwise not have the opportunity for that.  Through his farm he and his family are sharing the love of God with his neighbors.
I share all this with theWELL family because I was so encouraged and I think you should be too that theWELL is living out what we value and God is being glorified.  When Rod and Steve started a conversation about who could help them in their efforts, theWELL was the first church they thought of.  I’m so excited to be a part of a body of believers that is living out it’s LOVE for God and others!
Checkout the Queen City farm here and find out more about how they are living out God’s love in the city of Buffalo.  
“God’s heart bleeds LOVE for this city.”


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