All in God's Time

I listen each morning to my bible reading passages using an app called dailyaudiobible . The person who does all the reading each day is a pastor, author, and artist named Brian Hardin. Today we read through Ex 23:14-25:40. While I really enjoyed the reading, Brian unpacked some great insight on the passage that I would like to paraphrase.

I find myself with Moses, and God gives him some rules for the journey across the desert into the promised land. God says "I am going to send angels ahead of you. The Jebusites, the Amalekites, the Hittites, are all going to freak out, and they are going to be displaced before you. This isn't gonna happen tomorrow. I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive these people out, but not tomorrow, not this month, and not even this year."

Now we want God to do something, and we start claiming promises, and we start claiming God's authority, and we start moving in the time span the WE want to move in and expect that he is going to show up and fall in line. And yes, God may have said some things, and yes he may be moving on your behalf and in your life, but a lot of times we don't want to be patient... not even a bit. We want to move. Now. We don't like where we are, we like the idea of where we might go and we try to make a straight path to that place and ask God to bless the efforts completely because we get impatient, and we don't like any of the hardships of the desert to get from A to B. But God says even to his chosen people as he is establishing their culture, and even as he is promising their land, this isn't going to happen over night.

What are you moving in on that you need to wait for God's timing for?


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