What If Your Church Grows?

A quick Google search with the title of this post "what if your church grows," will give you page after page of books, article, websites, axioms, and analogies for how to grow your church, even though that is now what this title is asking for. I even hesitate to use the term "your," as in "your church," because I am very conscious of the fact that God is growing His Church, and we have absolutely no ownership over that. But, we pastors and staff pray for church growth, for church health, and for church unity so that we can grow our own communities of faith to give every man, woman, child a repeated opportunity to come in contact with the person Jesus Christ.

What if this happens and your church starts growing? Now what?

What if the meeting space you worked so hard to secure is too small?
What if your children's ministry doubles in size in one week?
What if you realize you don't have enough facilitators for the number of people who want to join your small group system?
What if your budget is obsolete 3 months after you draft it?
What if people want to volunteer, but you have trouble plugging them all in?
What if you realize you have enough talent for 4-5 worship bands instead of one?
What if you have no idea what to do?

What if your vision was clear and concise?
What if your systems are simple enough to reproduce in any setting?
What if everything you did was scalable?
What if allowed people to try to lead, and what if they succeed?
What if allowed people to try to lead, and what if they fail?
What if you could give away resources and people?
What if this could happen somewhere else?
What if this could happen multiple somewhere else's?
What if you still had no idea what to do?

Get anywhere yet?

Trying to figure it all out is going to keep you awake at night. Ecc. 8:16

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. John 14:1


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