Church Planting: When Theory Meets Reality

Last Sunday, May 19th, First Baptist Church North Tonawanda voted 20 to 1 in favor of a Restart Agreement giving Randall Church authority to plant a new church in their facility.

FBC seemed excited theoretically about the possibilities of new life, new leadership, and new vision for their church. Doing so however, means they would have to give the Elders at Randall the complete control to do so. Sundays vote: where theory meets reality.

I have served as a worship pastor and a variety of other roles in two church plants over the last 6 years. I have been very excited to one day have the opportunity to be the lead church planting pastor. However, I've always been told that you can't know the weight a senior pastor carries until God gives you that role. Sundays vote: where theory meets reality. I feel it.

Randall Church is around 180 years old. Thousands of missionaries have been sent all over the world, but to my knowledge Randall has never multiplied itself into another local church. Theoretically it's about time to do so. Sundays vote: where theory meets reality. Randall is planting a church.

What about you? What has God been leading you towards, that you know in theory would be the ride of a lifetime? Maybe it's time to make it reality? Maybe He's leading you to be part of planting a new vibrant church passionate about making the name of Jesus famous in North Tonawanda?

Things just got real.


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  1. You’re not satisfied with just good theology, the revelation, passion – even the vision. It’s the experience. You gotta have it. You’re ready for it. God counts you able. And worthy.