Renewal Church: A Church In Utero

God has been orchestrating some fantastic things for His Kingdom in the WNY area. As of this week, Renewal Church is official. It's no longer a theory, or an axiom but it is reality.

That said, Renewal Church has inot been birthed yet. I don't know if he came up with the analogy, but my fellow church-planter Darrick Castronova talks about planting a church in terms of birthing a child. You see, this week Randall Church conceived Renewal Church.

Upon recommendation of the Elders, the church voted to go ahead with plans to birth a church, establish it in North Tonawanda, and call it Renewal Church. Just like a family that has a child, now that we know the baby is on the way, there is work to do before it arrives. The crib needs to be assembled, and the nursery painted. Extended family needs to be notified, baby showers and home warming celebrations will be planned. Ask everyone to pray for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Even though the baby is still in Utero, much change is already taking place.

 Likewise, Renewal Church is in Utero. With a birth date in 2014, there is much work to do. Walls need to be painted, and equipment updated. The church family and the local community needs to be notified, and many celebrations need to follow. Please everyone, be in prayer for healthy pre-launch momentum and spiritual favor in the region. Pray for a smooth transition for the former members of First Baptist Church into the Randall and Renewal Church families. Pray for the reLaunch team meetings beginning Sunday evenings at 5pm at the HR Block July 7th. Pray for growth spiritually and numerically so that Renewal Church can proceed to once a month Preview Gatherings in October, November, and December.

 As we consider all that God has done in the last 6 months, it is obvious that He has been up to more than I could ever ask or imagine. Pray that He would do the same thing again. And again. And again.