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Hello friends! Just wanted to catch you up on what I can recap on things over the last week. If you feel like I do, things have been in a whirlwind of activity. Here are a few highlights.

I have had great meetings with some key people since last week
1 I met with the Assistant Principle at NT High School. He is a believer that Erin and I went to high school with. The door is wide open for us to participate in after school religious education programs there. Please be in prayer that we can find a student to be courageous enough to host us. Religious affiliated clubs must be student led. 
2 I met with a key business owner in the downtown North Tonawanda business district. She has exciting ideas about creating opportunities to serve the business community!
3 I met with a new friend who has a wealth of knowledge regarding demographics and demographic study. He has close connections with Randall, the Chapel, and lives in Tonawanda. He may also be an option as a worship leader in the future on Sunday evenings.

The former members of First Baptist Church NT were welcomed with open arms to Randall Church this past Sunday. This coming Sunday will be a sweet fellowship time after the morning worship service, when we all will sit down together for a meal. (Reminder: those of you from FBC are our guests. No donations please. Next time you can pay!)

The Randall Student ministry will be heading out to NT this week to visit with some shut-ins from the former church, as well as visit the facility and prayer walk around the grounds. Pray that excitement builds for both churches, as we ReDiscover ways to partner together again and again.

Intercessory prayer is the greatest gift you can give a new church. I will do the best I can to communicate with you regularly to assist you prayer warriors to pray with insight. Feel free and empowered to prayer walk in communities surrounding the NT area. Pray over the H&R Block in the Mid City Plaza. Pray for the launch team as it meets there for the first time July 7th. Better yet join us! We would love to have you!

Thanks so much for your prayers. Milo


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