Community at Renewal Church Gains Momentum

I left the H&R Block Sunday evening with a great deal of excitement. It was super encouraging to see 4-5 new faces show up for our 6pm Sunday night launch team meeting at which facilitated a discussion on community groups. We worked through Mark's account of Jesus and the paralytic, when 4 men literally tore the roof off a house to bring their friend to meet Jesus. What a Biblical example of living in community!

35 people were at our meeting Sunday night, and my heart was encouraged as people energetically dug in to their Bibles and shared applications as to what this 1st century Gospel account means for us as a 21st century church. 

Each week we have a few more people join us, but we are still looking for one more. Come be encouraged. Come and serve. Come and see the movement God is forming in North Tonawanda. 

Please ask questions and verbalize your prayers by sending an email to

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