Renewal - We Challenge You To Join Us

We are thankful for the shared commitment and passion that bring us together. We desperately desire to continue to see partnerships forged and strengthened here that will penetrate lostness in North Tonawanda. We are audacious enough to believe that together we can plant a more evangelistic church and develop the next wave of missionaries who will lead the way in planting churches in the Greater Buffalo - Niagara Region. 

Without your passion, leadership, and sacrifice, our goal will remain simply that,  -- a goal. We challenge you to join us. Join us in prayer. Join us at our launch team meetings Sunday evenings. Join us in renovating our facility. Join us in building relationships with strategic partners in our city, so that we can ReAwaken Love for every man, woman, and child so they can experience the Gospel. Join us as we strive together to fulfill the calling God has given us. 

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