AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church

I have been reading a book by Hugh Halter called AND. It deals with the balance we see in the New Testament for times when the church is called to be gathering together, and other times when it is commanded to decentralize and missionally scatter itself in the world like a farmer sowing seed. Laurence Baxter points out that AND discusses a question that is important for churches - what are the benefits of an attractional approach (draw people into the church to hear the gospel, find fellowship and build them up as disciples) versus a missional/incarnational approach (sending our people out into the lives of others directly to witness and grow as disciples). It has been a great read. You should give it a try!

So here are two specific ways that we are going to address this approach at Renewal Church. Please put these dates on your calendar. October 27th, at 6pm, we will be having our first preview gathering which is a great opportunity for you to invite your friends and family to experience what a full scale worship gathering will look like at Renewal. Secondly, Saturday November 2nd, Outreach Pastor Kody LaBarthe will be organizing a day of going through the North Tonawanda community and assist people with fall cleanup, (raking leaves and cleaning up branches.) This scattering of our people should open doors for additional conversations and relationships down the road.

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