Renewal Church - Getting In The Game

Watching the Buffalo Bills win football games is one of the most fun things I enjoy doing each fall. I feel like I am engaged in every play, watching for missed opportunities, "encouraging" the refs to make the right call. I find a place to watch the action, and I try not to leave that spot if I can help it. My job is important right? I don't want to miss anything! Yet, how much have I really invested. I am a fan.

Think about how much more the players have invested. Guys like Kyle Williams and CJ Spiller have worked diligently for years to have the opportunity to get in the game. They have reached an athletic pinnacle where they are the elite 1% or better. That hasn't happened without sacrifice and hard work. Yet, when they win a game they have so much more to celebrate than you and I do as football fanatic... a fan.

Think about your involvement at Renewal. Are you a fan? Are you a spectator that gets excited with us, but invests very little in comparison? Are you interested in being a player? Players have multiple levels involvement. Some players are in on every play. Some players only come in to kick field goals, and some players never see a snap unless someone gets hurt. But they are equipped with all the tools necessary to be involved at a moment's notice.

Maybe its time you were not a fan. Think about your involvement at Renewal. Pray about being a player instead of a spectator. A player might become a weekly launch team member, a seed family. A player might be someone who serves every other week in the kids area. A player might serve coffee Sunday evenings. A player might prayer walk our community every Wed morning. A player might write letters or provide administrative support. A player might lead worship, invest financially, or actively network with businesses and influential leaders in North Tonawanda.

Want to get in the game? We'll find a spot on the team for you.


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