Four Easy Ways To Talk About Renewal's Grand Opening This Weekend

1. Rent An Airplane
Renewal has been blessed with a gorgeous facility in a prime location, but we don't have extravagant funds enough to fly around NT and Niagara-Wheatfield with a 90 ft banner reading "ReDiscover. ReNew. ReAwaken. 4.6.14" But if you have the means to do so, please do! Or, you could just post a link to our website on your Facebook page.

2. Purchase a 40 ft Inflatable Gorilla
I am not sure why, but some grand openings have a large inflatable gorilla holding a sign that says "Grand Opening". Long story short, we don't have one. You could buy one, then you could tell people to look for the new church on Meadow Drive with the huge purple gorilla. Or, you could simply tip your waitress excessively and tell her you wanted to show her God's love in a practical way. Then encourage her to check out @RenewalChurchNT on twitter.

3. Organize a Marching Band
Sometimes, when an organization wants to pull out all the stops, they coordinate with a local marching band to come to the grand opening. Do you by chance manage a marching band? Or, you could email and plug yourself and a friend into one of the 4-5 Community Groups offered in homes around the city this coming week.

4. Twirl A Sign
Stand in the rain twirling a 14 foot neon lettered sign. A crazy chicken costume helps too. When people honk just wave and give them a thumbs up. Or just invite people. This one is kinda boring, but it might work. You could talk to your friends, family, coworkers or neighbors in the 14120 zip code, and let them know there is a new church starting at 6pm Sundays- where blue jeans are the dress attire, music is energetic, teaching is relevant, and the people treat you like family. Then offer to attend with them for their first time.

Give it a try? See you Sunday.


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