Renewal's First Free Single Mom's Oil Change A Success!

I am excited and energized tonight after a really great day at Renewal Church. We had an awesome showing of volunteer support for our first Single Mom's Oil Change, and I was very impressed with the work our team got done today.

The morning started out cold and windy, but at 8 am we had our VIP volunteer huddle and prayed that God would do something great. He did. We were open for business at 9 am, but it wasn't until 10 when the first guest arrived to have her car serviced.

 We used our nervous energy to get some additional projects done around the facility in that first hour. Our amazing volunteers cleaned the grounds, they moved the debris out to the street for pickup, they painted two classrooms inside, and repaired our "Grand Opening" banner in front of the church.

 Then at 10 am our traffic picked up. Our volunteer team was on fire! Runners were going to the NAPA store for oil filters, the popcorn machine and bounce house were spilling over with kids, more coffee was made in the ReFuel Cafe today than ever before, our first impressions personnel were engaging our guests in conversation, and cars were getting their oil changed up to 4 stations at a time. 

In the end, Renewal Church was able to host 12 single moms today, and because nearly all brought a child, a mother, or a friend along for emotional support, we were to show them the love of God in a practical way to approximately 40 individuals. We distributed 24 free bags of groceries, prayed with many, talked in great length with some, and gave tours around our facility to many more.

Our volunteers reported back that very few of our guests had ever heard of our church before, or had any previous connection to anyone in our congregation. Most of the ladies responded with excitement when invited to attend our "Grand Opening" gathering tomorrow night at 6pm. The most exciting part about this day is that we have an open door to contact them again, and offer our services in three months when we do it all over again. God is good. God is very good.

Thanks for your prayer, financial, and physical support over the last few weeks on pulling off this great day. Renewal Church fulfilled one of our primary values today. To ReAwaken LOVE for every man, woman, and child that they may experience the Gospel.

Come and join us for our "Grand Opening" tomorrow, Sunday evening at 6pm and celebrate with us in advance for the great ways God is going to move! - Pastor Milo

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  1. That is so exciting! Praying you guys reach many so that you may "ReAwaken LOVE for every man, woman, and child that they may experience the Gospel."