Book Review: Sun Stand Still

Recently, I listened through the audiobook by Steven Furtick called Sun Stand Still. This was the second time I've listened to the audio book, and each time I found the book quite compelling, and motivating. However, part of me is still unsure as to whether or not this book is designed to be an emotional read, or if it has the theological substance back up what it teaches. For the sake of this review, I am going to suggest that it doesn't matter.  

For many of the readers who open up this book looking for answers to how to hear Gods voice, and God's will for their life, it may not be the wisest selection off of the bookshelf. 

Stephen Furtick over clam arises some of the success that comes from following through with faith steps on God's vision and mission for your life. He seems to skip over the fact, that God has most definitely called some, or even many, of his people to live faithful lives that don't see major success. In fact, his book doesn't reference the fact that many of the biblical juggernauts never got to see the fulfillment of what God did through their lives, because it did not come to fruition until after their own passing.

That said. With my disclaimer out of the way, I enjoyed this book immensely. For those who know that God has called them to something greater, called them to be a spiritual leader, call them to have a vision larger than their own backyard, this book is incredibly motivating. Here is the primary crux of what Steven Furtick teaches with this book. As a foundation rooted in Scripture for the book, he uses the old testament narrative of Joshua and the battle where he asked God to stop the sun from setting so that the battle could be won.

The progression of sun stand still faith

Seize God's vision
Activate your faith
Make your move

I find these three action steps to be incredibly powerful. Give it a listen like I did, or thumb through it on your Kindle. This book is worth taking the time to engage with whether or not you love Stephen Furtick. The challenge laid out here to live in a audacious life of faith, is compelling.


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