Renewal Church: No Perfect People Allowed

This weekend we will open up a new sermon series entitled No Perfect People Allowed. This weekend we will also make a major adjustment and open up our doors at 10 AM weekly rather than 6 PM.  We encourage you to invite your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family members. Never underestimate the power of what God can do in one hour in a persons life. 

Years ago, I heard Tommy Hargrove preach on the illustration of what it means to be a bridge of God's love to all people. It has forever changed the trajectory of how I view my role as a follower of Christ. Come Sunday and open God's word as we look at some damaged characters of the Bible. What can we learn? What does it change about our worldview when we live in our position within Christ?

Here's the deal. We promise to do everything in our power to make the Sunday gathering the best it possibly can. We promise not to embarrass you, and put you in a place where you have to tell your friend or loved one, "I know church wasn't that great this week, but usually it's a lot better."  We also anticipate that the guests you bring should have an opportunity to worship with real people. People with real struggles. Real problems. Real concerns. We are all human. And at Renewal Church, we want you to be okay with being a little bit human. A bit vulnerable, and a little bit uncomfortable. No Perfect People Allowed. ReDiscover FAITH, and how Jesus Christ has freed you from the rat race called "perfection."

See you at 530 Meadow Dr at 10am Sunday September 7th. 



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