Great Is Your Faithfulness!

by Guest Blogger, Pastor Dick Murphy

I've been reading the major prophets in the Old Testament recently. In fact, I just finished reading Jeremiah, who is often referred to as the "weeping" prophet because God called him to prophesy to Judah concerning His judgment for their sin. Jeremiah wept not only because of what he suffered from God's people as he spoke the message of God, but because he cared for God's people and so wanted them to listen to the message and to return to their God.

Well, the people did not return to God and the prophetic word of their defeat at the hands of the Babylonian empire came to pass. Jerusalem fell, and most of Judah was scattered and deported to Babylon (called the "Babylonian captivity"). Jeremiah was allowed to stay in Jerusalem, but was abducted and taken to Egypt where he faithfully continued to speak forth God's word to His people. In the midst of this tragic time for both Jeremiah and God's people, Jeremiah wrote the book called Lamentations, which is actually five poems mourning the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon.

What an awful time in the life of the prophet; and what a time of seeming despair that God had abandoned His people. But roughly in the middle of Lamentations we find hope. Jeremiah had just written that his soul was "bereft of peace," that he had "forgotten what happiness is," that his endurance had perished and so had his "hope from the Lord." (Lamentations 3:17 & 18). But then we see it in verses 21 through 23. Jeremiah writes, "But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness." And Jeremiah goes on to write of the goodness of God to those who wait for him, who seek him, and who wait quietly for him. And he calls us to lift our hearts to God." In short, in the worst times of his life, when everything around him has come crashing down and when God Himself seems to have left him alone, Jeremiah nevertheless remembers; he remembers who God really is, and he remembers God's character, His love and His faithfulness. And he knows that God is still there, that He is present to those who call on Him in humility and patiently wait for Him.

 What a wonderful reminder for us today! God is real, and He is present. No matter the circumstances, no matter the difficulties, no matter whatever it is that weighs you down, God is there, and He is there with His love, and He will answer when you call and come to Him on your knees. Remember that reality; call to mind God's mercies and His faithfulness. Remember that He is present and He is faithful. You can count on Him. So if you are feeling the weight of your circumstances and things seem to be closing in, REMEMBER ... and KEEP ON REMEMBERING that God loves you and He is there. Just call on Him and patiently wait. The dawn will come, and with it, His mercy extended to you. Count on it!

Pastor Dick Murphy


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