Single Mom's Oil Change Coming Right Up!

About 3 times a year, we dedicate our OUTward projects to a Single Mom's Oil Changes. It has been a very good outreach effort, we have been able to service some 40 cars of needy families. It is a very good project if you are looking for an opportunity to make meaningful touches in our community. To tell you the truth, the biggest benefit of the event is that there is no better practical way for a church to give men an opportunity to serve. Far to often, churches forget to involve men in their churches. At Renewal and Randall, we have learned from our experiences over the last year, that the outreach events we direct toward involving men are not only better attended, but more easily staffed as well.

We are planning to do our next Single Mom's Oil Changes next month, Aprill 11th (from 9am - Noon) at Renewal and April 26th (same time) at Randall. Keep your eyes open for sign ups to volunteer and help!


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