Celebrate Recovery Starting Soon!

No matter what your hurt, habit, or hangup is Renewal Church is a community of people who come together to support and encourage healing through the power of Jesus Christ from whatever struggles they face. We are excited to announce that Celebrate Recovery, the life changing, scripture-based recovery program is starting soon here in North Tonawanda! 

Nicknamed the Lumber City, North Tonawanda was built around men and women who worked hard and played hard. Now, with jobs fleeing the area, work is hard to find, and many find themselves in a depressive state. Sadly, many turn to drugs, alcohol, overeating, and other unhealthy comforts for an escape from reality.

A Celebrate Recovery meeting has been established and grown at Randall Church in Williamsville for more than a year, and now we will be moving it and bringing it into our facility here in Niagara County soon. Phase 1 will begin with weekly meetings starting Friday nights in July for existing CR members and for those training to become potential leaders in the program. Phase 2 will begin in September when we will have our Celebrate Recovery Grand Opening for the community, with programming for every age group.

We are currently seeking group leaders with more than a year of sobriety and recovery in the area's of substance/alcohol or codependency. Contact: Recovery@RenewalChurchNT.com for more information.

Thank You!

Milo Wilson


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