Join Us For Mother's Day!

Between Easter and Christmas, Mother's Day may be the most likely day people will attend church, according to a recent study by LifeWay Research. 

In a national poll of 1,000 Protestant pastors, LifeWay Research asked what the three highest attendance Sundays were throughout the year. Mother's Day (59 percent) ranked third behind the standard religious powerhouse holidays of Easter (93 percent) and Christmas (84 percent).

Scott McConnell, director of LifeWay Research, said, "Holidays and special days, regardless of which ones, offer an opportunity for churches to host guests who might not otherwise attend church."  "Encouraging attendees to invite family and friends for services on these special days is a natural time to ask since many people will be considering attending."

What about you? Have you invited someone to Mother's Day Services Yet? We look forward to a wonderful worship gathering together, looking at the life of Ruth, and her kindsman redeemer - Boaz. Can you See Him? He foreshadows our Redeemer Jesus Christ. See you Sunday!

Milo Wilson


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