Planting Seeds For Community Renewal

After a great 2 week family journey across the United States, I had the privilege of returning to the church this week and hitting the ground running. We have had 2 teams working with us to pull off MEGA sports camp Week 2, as well as various outreach activities around the WNY region. These are invaluable pieces of the puzzle for us as we use the Gospel to transform and ReNew a region. 

Good works are a bridge formed by which the Good News can travel. I believe we are involved in making this a better place for people to live, whether they are a part of our church, another church, or followers of Christ at all. Thats what the transformative power of the Gospel does. It changes and transforms everything it touches. 

So, will you join us in this summer's efforts? We want Renewal Church to be a Community Renewal Center. A place that empowers you to ReEngage your zip code. To ReEnergize Your Life.


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