What I Learned About Church at a 50s Diner

Calling it a 50's Diner is probably a mistake, but local WNY gem Dibella's Subs is where I found myself this afternoon for lunch. I've been there before, but today my lunch plans fell through so I stopped in alone, and became much more aware of the finer details of the restaurant. It's really great! It reminded me of some points Andy Stanley uses in regards to the importance of a great environments. 

1. We don't tailor content of our services for unchurched people, but we do tailor the experience. This is such a huge and important distinction. Opening up our service to the unchurched doesn't mean dumbing it down.

2. A clean environment communicates that we're expecting you. I wish this was in the Bible. Then I could preach at people about it. But it's not. So quoting Andy will do.

3. Nothing should offend people in our weekend services except the Gospel. Often people get turned away not because of Christ, but because of people's bad attitudes or strange preferences for certain kinds of music or culture.

For one reason or another, today's meal caught me offguard. I was surprised at the quality of the customer service and attention to detail. I was surprised by the young median age of the other patrons of this restaurant even though it has an "older" feel to it. I was surprised by their dedication to a specific way of doing things and doing it well. Sometimes it's good to be surprised!

When was the last time your church surprised you?

Milo Wilson


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