From The Chairlift: 3 Principles For 1st Time Guests

My wife Erin and I finally got to get away on our dream vacation this week 15 years in the making. A ski trip to Tahoe City and the Squaw valley ski resort. Last summer we were flying as a family and got bumped three different times on a later flight, and it made for a very long day, but it had its perks; air miles!

We are so grateful to spend some time away thanks to Nana spending some time with the kiddos. As we enjoyed our ski-vacation, my mind was made aware of some universal principles for 1st time guests that apply to our churches on Sunday mornings. I'd like to share them with you now.

 Principle 1. Online Presence Matters. 
- We researched every possible thing we could about the area and what to expect weeks before we decided to go. So will a guests in our churches. Make sure the web presence says what you want it to say.

 Principle 2. Arriving Early Matters A Great Deal. 
- We learned that if we got to the resort early, we would get a closer parking spot from which to carry our gear and still have enough time to get coffee before the lift opened. So will a guest in our churches who has kids and wants to get them situated before the gathering starts. Make sure the welcome and check-in process is in motion well before the worship time is set to start.

 Principle 3. A Local's Opinion Matters Most. 
- We had the good fortune of meeting someone who grew up in the area, was familiar with how things worked, and was willing to give us a few tips on the day. So will a guest if they know you attend the church they plan to visit. Make sure the things you say give the right impression.

 Milo Wilson


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