Lessons From the Chairlift: Conditions Change Quickly

My wife Erin and I got away last week for the first time without kids and almost 15 years. We had an incredible time skiing at Lake Tahoe, California at Squaw Valley, the home of the 1960 Olympic games.

We quickly learned, that swirling winds over the high peaks made the weather incredibly difficult to predict each day. What would start as a beautiful "bluebird" day, would turn into blizzard like conditions in just a matter of one hour. The locals understood this phenomenon well. As snow conditions changed, they could run to the bottom and switch to a different set of skis that would more appropriately match the conditions. We didn't have that luxury, but we made the best with what we had.

As you might expect, I think there's some comparisons here to the local church. For a myriad of reasons, conditions in a congregation can change rapidly. A "bluebird" day may deteriorate quickly into a storm. A rough morning, may clear up into a gorgeous afternoon. Are our churches prepared to adapt to changing conditions? Whether those conditions change to the positive, or to the negative, what holds many churches back is the inability to make the adjustments necessary.

The trick is, being prepared and having some things in place for either scenario before they occur. What are you doing to be ready for your church's ever-changing conditions?

Pastor Milo


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