Brussels Attack: What Should A Christian's Response Be?

I was with extended family this morning when I heard the news like many of you that there had been an explosion in Brussels, and that an act of terrorism had shut down the city and put it on high alert. 

What made it particularly unnerving for us however was that a family member had only arrived in Paris 24 hours previously and had scheduled to be in Brussels later in the week. When was she supposed to arrive there? Is this an ongoing attack? Will public transportation be at risk? Most importantly, is she safe right now? Thankfully, she was confirmed safe and out of harms way... although understandably her confidence a bit shaken.

As questions were flying around, I found myself praying for the uncertain situation quietly. Fortunately, I actually caught myself just before saying these words aloud: "Because there is nothing else we can do, we should just pray." Did you catch that? As if prayer were a last resort after real options had been exhausted. 

Father forgive me for relegating the access that you given us as Christ followers to the very throne-room of the Creator and Sustainer of the universe! Friends, be in prayer for our fellow man in distress. Be in prayer because it is the most powerful, influencial, protective, and humane aid we could possibly provide. Then, consider what other secondary things you might do. But first, PRAY, that God's will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. From there, and only that point can we actually move forward with confidence.

Milo Wilson


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