Moving In

This week has been been filled with packing boxes and picture frames as I move my office from Renewal Church in North Tonawanda to Randall Church in Williamsville. I can't even count how many times I have helped other people move their packing boxes, and I've been on the move a fair amount myself, but that doesn't mean the process has gotten any simpler.

My Grandparents moved a great deal while I was growing up. My Grandfather was in upper management in several construction companies over the years, and moved all over the east coast depending on where the next job was. They became very good at keeping and packing the essentials and being ok with with letting many of the other things go.

I believe there is a parallel lesson for the church to consider here. What are the essentials for the church that would be packed into the moving boxes and taken with you? What would the non-essentials be? This concept isn't just hypothetical. For 40 years the people of God had waited to move in to their new home called the promised land. They had some essentials that they packed in and out wherever they went. For the early church, Paul gave instructions to the Ephesians as to the essentials for early Christians as well. 

Do you know what you would deem essential and non-essential in your church? What do you base your assessment upon?

Milo Wilson


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