I'm Big On The Pig. What Are You Big On?

I attend a community group that meets weekly on our street. It usually starts out with a meal together, where the kids get to sit at the kitchen island, and the adults stand around the room with plate in hand discussing our day, the interesting details of one another's jobs, or the complications of parenthood.

Last night someone commented on an old cup in the cabinet, because it had the logo of a southern grocery store called Piggly Wiggly, with the catch phrase "I'm big on the pig!" He said, "You know, Piggly Wiggly invented the grocery store." What? Really? Invented it? I looked up the details this morning to confirm he was absolutely correct. Interesting how that works isn't it? Piggly Wiggly is celebrating its 100th year, and yet still what it is known for is what it was founded on so many years ago.

As you might guess, I think there is something applicable here for us to take notice of. How ever old the founding date of your church might be, whether it's 3 years ago at Renewal Church, or 190 years ago for Randall Church, or whatever the start date of your congregation, the unique mission/vision on which it was founded on influences what it stands for today.

However, and don't miss this... ...the church expression that we participate in today has roots farther back than that! It's head and founder, Jesus Christ started his ministry by saying these words: "Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." He invented discipleship! That's the crux of what we do! How are you doing at making disciples? How "big" are you on Jesus?

Pastor Milo


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