A Communications Upgrade...

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." --George Bernard Shaw

Communication makes the world turn. Without healthy communication between every part of an organization, misinterpretations are quickly had, and assumptions are made. Church strategist Tony Morgan says: "As we work with churches, it is quickly becoming more and more evident that it is rare to see a professional, relevant communications strategy. This brings clarity internally as to what people should do and what a church is all about."

We are in the process of upgrading our communication strategy at Randall Church to be what hopefully can referred to one day as "relevant," or "professional." Here a few ways we will streamline our communication process. 

First, our monthly schedule will allow us to communicate a variety story lines of what is happening in our church.
1st Sunday - Communion
2nd Sunday - Personal Grace Stories
3rd Sunday - Missions / Missionary Emphasis
4th Sunday - Congregational Prayer Focus
5th Sunday - Family Sunday / Next Generation Focus

Secondly, notice the changes in our ministry tables in the foyer on Sundays. Each week we will have 1-2 tables regarding upcoming events, as well as one table highlighting an existing ministry area in the church. By design, less details will be given from the platform about the specifics of these things, but more will be done to encourage a face to face interaction. It is in those personal connections that true communication takes place. We have to create space for it!

Think about it. What are some ways you communicate best? Are you utilizing your own best communication efforts when engaging someone at your church?

Pastor Milo


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