Unsung Heroes in The Church

I served in a church plant in SC that met every week in an elementary school building for about 3 years. We had a school janitor that would come each Sunday to open up, turn on the hvac unit, and unlock classroom doors. She was happy to come in on Sunday's while none of her co-workers were willing to do so. She was a key person to us for sure (pun intended). She was an eccentric woman from the blue ridge mountains who never wore shoes and didn't have any troubling spitting into a strong wind.

It wasn't until one Sunday that she arrived 30 minutes late that we realized how much we valued this person. Quickly, we had to come up with a contingency plan for the possibility that our friend miss a week somewhere down the line. Most of our congregation didn't know this school janitor, but those of us who did, loved her deeply and appreciated her heart from the church.

This Sunday at Randall, we will be highlighting Susan Hamlen, as well as Steve and Beth Siebel. Steve and Beth serve faithfully each week as greeters at the front door, as well as a myriad of things they do behind the scenes. Susan serves as a financial secretary for the church, handling weekly deposits as well as year end tax statements etc. They are tremendously important to our organization, even though very few people see all of what they do. 

Sunday we will do a time of refreshments in CenterPointe following the worship gathering. Will you please come and let these unsung heroes know how much we love them? We won't really realize their impact until after they have left, and at that point it's too late to tell them! Beth and Steve will be moving to be closer to grandkids in NC, and Susan will be retiring from UB and moving closer to family in PA. By the way, what other unsung hero your church do you need to thank?

Pastor Milo


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