Summer Lovin'

This week I am going step aside and share some key thoughts from Pastor Dan Davis at Renewal Church. Dan has a unique perspective on WNY that I find quite refreshing. Here's Dan:

I hope I'm not speaking too soon when I say—it seems that winter has finally passed. The weather is getting warmer, green is starting to pop up on the trees, and the smell of barbecue is much more prevalent in the air all of a sudden. More importantly, you've probably had much more human interaction the past couple of days!

Summer time in WNY is unique to me. Since moving to North Tonawanda, I've learned to love and appreciate summer even more. Summer takes on a whole new significance when you're coming out of five or six months of freezing temperatures. Growing up in Louisiana, there wasn't too much difference between winter and summer!

With summer and warm weather comes more opportunity to reach out to the people in our neighborhoods. In WNY, the window is small for opportunities to just walk outside and talk to your neighbors. So let's make the most of our summer this year. Here are a few ideas how to use your summer to meet neighbors:

1. Go for a walk every day—You'll get good exercise and you'll pass plenty of people along the way. Talk to anyone who will talk back! (The nice weather is always a good conversation starter).

2. Invite neighbors over for a barbecue—Everyone loves good food and sunshine. Invite a couple of neighbors over to share both with you.

3. Take your kids (or dog) to the park—Parks are full of people over the summer. It's fun for the family and a way to get to know people from your community.

If we're going to reach people in our community with the Gospel, we've got to know the people in our community! Not everything needs to be a "ministry" of the church. If you are there, you are carrying the light of the world! What people can you interact with, that no one else can? What other ways can you think of to meet the people in your community? Let us know on our Facebook wall!

Pastor Milo


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