Send Our Mud-Out Team To Baton Rouge With #FloodBucketsOfLove

Monday September 5th, I will be leaving with Bill Hynd, Mike Flannery, and a few others from WNY to go to Baton Rouge for a number of days and aid those who are in great need on the ground in Louisiana. Many of you showed interest in going with us, but as the timing came together you were unable to join us this time. Thats OK! But we could still use your help.

This Sunday Sep 4th, we will be receiving flood buckets at Randall and Renewal Church so that we can load them into trailers first thing Monday morning when we hit the road. Would you be willing to support our team in this way? The list below will allow you get everything you need in one stop at Home Depot. As you load items into the bucket, please be in prayer for the homeowner on the receiving end in Baton Rouge. Also be in prayer this week for our safety as we work long hours in tough conditions. Pray that the love of Jesus would be demonstrated in a very practical way. Thank you so much!

Pastor Milo

SBDR / Home Depot Flood Bucket 
  • 5 Gallon Homer Bucket 0000-131-227 $2.97
  • QEP All purpose sponge (3pk) 0000-634-115 $3.44
  • 1- Ct Heavy duty Disposable Green gloves 0000-695-836 $1.18
  • Workforce Small soft grip scrub brush 0000-687-400 $1.99
  • Sharpie Permanent marker (black - 2 pk) 0000-451-153 $1.68
  • Retractable utility knife 0000-377-784 $1.98
  • HDX All Purpose wide mouth sprayer 1000-050-563 $1.72
  • 3M Eyeglass protector 0000-211-680 $1.15
  • E/O Conbrobium mold control spray, 32 oz 0000-106-067 $6.46
  • Dawn NC BA Fresh Rapids detergent, 25 oz 0000-771-632 $1.97
  • Firm Grip 2 pk Leather palm gloves 1001-098-898 $3.98
  • Mr. Clean Summer Citrus, 40oz 0000-127-489 $2.98
  • 5 Gallon Homer leakproof lid 0000-529-776 $1.38
  • HDX 33 gal drawstring embossed, 50 ct 0000-960-098 $9.47
  • HDX N95 respirator valved, 3 pk 1000-055-593 $3.50
  • HDX APC with Bleach, 32 oz 0000-129-028 $1.98
  • HDX Terry Towels, 4 pk 0000-390-427 $2.17
Total Cost: $50.00

P.S. Here is a well done video from a previous Mud-Out in WV to help you with the packing. Our list is a little different, but you get the idea.

Click Video Link Here:


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