The Fear of Not Knowing...

The Fear of Not Knowing...

We are taught that it is best to know the answers. School reinforces this over and over— you’re supposed to know the right answer to every question asked.... Heaven forbid that we’re caught not knowing something in front of our friends....

"It’s a painful moment to have to tell your teacher that you don’t know something that you’re supposed to know in front of all your classmates who already know it (or at least pretend to)." 
— Dan Cumberland 

It’s embarrassing. It feels exposing and shameful.... It incites fear...

“A great deal of fear is a result of just “not knowing.” We do not know what is involved in a new situation. We do not know whether we can deal with it. The sooner we learn what it entails, the sooner we can dissolve our fear.”
— Eleanor Roosevelt

As a Pastor, I have the privilege and responsibility of standing up in front of people every week and sharing my story, my heart, and sharing what I have learned over the previous week(s) or year(s) of study. One of the most fearful things for a communicator is to feel like or appear like we don't know what we are talking about. So we study, we read, we ask good questions, we pray!

But at the end of the day, I am reminded that I serve a God that is too big, too awesome, too complex for me to ever explain away with answers for everything. As our congregation moves through this sermon series #LongStoryShort, questions will come up about the origins of life, the brokenness of mankind, the purpose of wars and conquests, the reasons for a rescue, and the timeline for the end of time that we simply do not have black and white answers to. We just won't know.

It’s time to get used to not knowing. Not knowing is what faith is all about!

Faith is not knowing what the future holds but knowing who holds the future!
— Author Unknown

This 17 week journey through the Biblical narrative will discuss things that matter to our everyday lives and make our everyday lives matter. We will encounter how it all began, how it all went wrong, how it all turned around, and how it will never end. However, we will not be able to know every answer. Will you take the journey with us anyway?

Let us walk together in faith through the land of the unknown. Let us dive deeper in God's majesty!

Pastor Milo


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