The Power Of An Invite!

by Guest Blogger Bryan Long

After college, my new bride and I packed up our last remaining possessions in a 1998 red Ford Escort and drove to a one-bedroom apartment over a garage in Boston, Massachusetts. We had to ask our landlord where the closest supermarket was. Later, we made a wrong turn and thought we’d go broke from the unnecessary gas used. We didn’t know where we were; we didn’t know what we were doing. But most importantly, we didn’t know anyone.

In the midst of the Easter season that first year, Molly and I realized that we didn’t have anywhere to go after the service. We faced the reality that we were going to be alone for the holiday. A few days before, someone from our church reached out and welcomed us to join them and a few other families for Easter lunch. We joined them that afternoon and every other Easter afternoon after. The people around that table became some of our closest friends.

That’s the power of an invite...
Where are you using the power of an invite to bring people together? Here are a few things ways you can begin tapping into this power:

1. Presence: When was the last time you invited a neighbor over for dinner? Who in your circles of influence are you inviting into your life? One of our three OUTWARD focuses is Presence. We believe that we are all missionaries cleverly disguised as good neighbors, co-workers and friends. I believe the biggest impact we can have is praying strategically, caring intentionally and sharing relationally our lives and the Gospel that has changed it. And it begins with an invite...

2. Fall Festival: As we are Present with those in our Corridors, it’s nice to have natural, enjoyable things to invite them to.  Think of it as a first date! The Fall Festival is TOMORROW, so this is a 24-hour challenge! Help Get the word out!

3. Electives: I want to extend an invite to you. Join one of our Electives that starts this coming Sunday. Electives are discussion-based courses designed to provide biblical and practical dialog around issues we face. They make space to ask questions and hear from others in a safe environment. It’s a great way to bring people together. If you’re new to the church, our Membership Course would be perfect. Gentleman, we’re offering a Men’s Track Elective (with bacon this Sunday). If you’re interested in growing in Presence and engagement in positive conversation, Beautiful Intolerance is a great resource. See all our Electives and sign up at:

May you use the power of the invite to help every man, woman and child “find your place!”

Pastor Bryan


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