Church Mutiplication Pipeline

No church sets out from the start to become the dead-end link on the Great Commission chain. Yet, sadly, recent history shows us the vast majority of evangelical churches have never reproduced. It doesn’t have to be this way. What can our church do?

As pastor of Randall Church, I believe we have a unique responsibility as a congregation. In a few years our church will celebrate 200 years of a heritage of faith in our area. I believe that this means that we shoulder a greater responsibility for continuing gospel saturation in our region. Furthermore, I believe our church should lead not only in adding more churches to the area, but in multiplying them.

Randall Church is committed to partnering with one another to see God’s Kingdom advanced both in unified ways initiated by centralized leaders, as well as in unique ways directed by localized leaders. Plans are underway for Summer 2018 to officially hand over the keys to our first church plant, Renewal Church, on their fifth birthday. This monumental step however, is just the first of many to come!

The question remains, how will you play a part? We dream of a different future, shaped and embodied by churches and leaders that clearly know what direction they are headed, and how they will get there. It time to get to it! Here is the bottom line: Church multiplication is simple. 

“Come Follow Me, and I Will Make You Fishers of Men” - Matthew 4:19

1. How to start. Look upward. CHRIST. "Come Follow Me,"
 - Jesus calls us to Himself so that we can discover intimacy with God and the Fruit of the Spirit.
 - Embrace teaching and preaching the whole counsel of God.

2. How to live. Look inward. CHURCH. "I Will Make You,"
 - Jesus forms us together into a people to nurture spiritual multiplication and personal purpose.
 - Elevate the value of the body of Christ. We are better together.

3. How to grow. Look outward. COMMUNITY. "Fishers of Men"
 - Jesus awakens us to love others and to share Him through our grace stories and prioritized lives.
 - Engage a defined geography and take responsibility for it.

4. How to multiply. Look forward. SEND. "So They Left Their Nets…"
 - Jesus shows us it’s not how much you know, but whether you love people enough to go to them.
 - Empower mobilization. Celebrate time and resources going out.

God is at work in our region. What an exciting time for our church to take a lead in what is next! Be in prayer for us, as we take strategic estimates, and assess gospel receptivity in surrounding areas for where God would have us plant next.

Today is great, but the best is yet to come!

Pastor Milo


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