Success Requires Intentionality. Will The Church Be Intentional?

This week has been an exciting one for fans of the NFL, specifically for fans of the Buffalo Bills. I personally have never seen so many moves and trades around the NFL all at once. It's really fun to watch! Specifically, Brandon Beam and Sean McDermott are impressing people and catching attention for the deliberate intentionality by which they are using to work towards rebuilding a struggling franchise. This is should be encouraging to Bills fans to see for sure, but perhaps it would prompt us to look at our own lives for similar deliberate spiritual intentionality.  

It is the job and privilege of every Christian to be a disciple of Jesus, and its the responsibility of every church to make disciples. The simpler, more deliberate, and more intentional that process, the less time wasted. And, in the Kingdom of God, timing is everything. In Real Life Discipleship, Jim Putnam talks about taking the accidental out of discipleship. Discipleship should be intentional.  Putnam says this:

I believe that Jesus was the greatest disciple-maker in history. As I study his approach, I see three keys to His success.
1. Jesus was an intentional leader in every sense. 
2. Jesus did His discipleship-making in a relational environment
3. Jesus followed a process that can be learned and repeated
The individual Christ follower's purpose is to embrace the life of Jesus Christ by acting on mission to share life and disciple others to do the same. When we operate within the context of love, passion, excellence, accountability, and growth it results in a place where we are living and thriving together.
What are you doing today to be intentional? 

Pastor Milo



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