PEG Every Big Day

We want to PEG every Big Day

Big Days have been very instrumental in growth at Randall Church for several years. This idea isn't new, but we're learning the art of pyramiding growth through these special days. This coming Sunday has been our highest record of attendance for the last 5 years. Why? This Sunday, we will once again incorporate a simple children's pageant as part of the worship gathering. I say "simple", because if our ministry staff kids are involved, it can't be too difficult; they would probably revolt! However, I assure you our dreams are not "simplistic." Our dreams for this Big Day are well thought out.

How can we all be intentional about this? How will we maximize these Big Days? I'm glad you asked :-)


We believe in mobilizing massive amounts of prayer for our Big Days. How might God move if everyone in our church prayed for 3 people, 3 minutes, at least 3 times a day for the next 3 days?  When we pray for a Big Day, we invite God to impact both the day and our praying hearts. We become more aware of opportunities to invite and serve others, and are drawn to what we pray for.


Every week is somebody's first week…and every somebody has a story. We have no idea what is going on in their hearts, why they came, or what God is up to in their lives. Bottom line: a Big Day, in this case a simple kids' program, has the opportunity to change lives for an eternity. We can be a part of God's great work.

How? We believe friendly people are the most attractive component to any church model, program, or facility. Your interaction is vitally important! We want everyone to find their place. You don't have to be an official member of the "greeter team" to greet new people. As you arrive, get coffee, check-in your kids and find your seat, look for AND speak to new people. A simple hello, welcome, and introduction can go a long way. Let us foster a safe place where people speak "life" into one another, learn from one another, and ultimately build one another up.


We believe the church should be known for its outrageous generosity and love. We serve a God who gave everything for us. Could we not try to give of ourselves in return? Let's start simple. As you find that seat, scoot to the middle of the row. Yes, give away the prime location! Make it easy for late arrivers and guests to find a seat. Serve the Lord with gladness. Look for tangible ways to meet one another's needs, share resources, and reach those far from Christ.

Will you commit to PEG our Big Day?

Join me. You belong. You matter. You make a difference. And together, we can change lives.

Pastor Milo

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