What Matters Most

What matters most. I have spent some time going door to door and walking the streets, (or mall food courts)doing my best to learn about a community and learn what makes it unique. I have done this as an Outreach Pastor in South Carolina, as a Church Planter in North Tonawanda, and now as a Lead Pastor in Williamsville. Having a few questions about music preferences, specific faith traditions, or the historical Jesus always get responses, but one question always seems to strike to the core. "What matters most to you?"

Of course, there will be a few obligatory comments about wanting clear blue skies for golfing, wanting safe travels, or wanting a winning Buffalo Bill's season. Yet, when push comes to shove most people will name "family and friends" as what matters most to them. As we begin the holiday season, as we begin this advent time of waiting, we should be reminded of what matters most. The month of December is a busy one, but don't lose focus in the midst of all the activity. Don't lose contact with the relationships that matter , don't lose sight of embracing the ones you love.

Nationally our country grieves the loss of former President George H.W. Bush , while locally our congregation grieves a former Pastor John B. Will, as well as long time member and church secretary Joan Erckert. These moments help ground us and remind us to prioritize our lives in an appropriate manner. Let this be an opportunity for extra hugging, excessive squeezing, and overdue phone calling. Don't miss this moment. Don't miss out on a reason to be sweet, kind, and loving. You don't know how many you will have.

Finally, let me share with you as I would with someone in my community while walking. I love my wife, I love my kids, and I love my church. However, even though it may not be today, I will fail them. It might be tomorrow, next week, or next year, but I will fail the people that matter the most to me. This is why I need a Savior. This is why I absolutely need the ones I love the most to know the One who matters the most to me. You see, my love is finite, and so I need to introduce them, and you, to the one whose love is infinite.

That's what matters most. God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ. Ephesians 2:4-5


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