Awake O Sleeper; You've Had A Long Winter

-photo by Ross Boone
It's pretty amazing actually. In the matter of just a day or two, it seems like spring has sprung. Last week, we nearly had to close church due to frigid temperatures, but this week it's as if we live in a different hemisphere. Birds are building nests in our church rain gutters, and woodchucks are already digging holes and sunbathing in the church parking lot. The humans are out and about too. Sounds of conversations happening between co-workers as they take a walk on their lunch break mixes in with young families stopping by to get some use out of their scooters, tricycles and rollerblades before the sun goes behind the clouds. The softball diamond is looking unkempt after months of dormancy, but phone calls have already starting pouring in about plans for sprucing things back up for spring and summer games.

Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves; many of you who have lived in WNY your entire life will be quick to remind those who have moved in from other parts of the country that there's always a chance for one more chilly blast. To be fair, history tells us that Buffalo isn't really ever in the clear until Memorial Day. But still, a few days of sunshine bring hope!! The winter wasn't hard this year, but sunlight was scarce… it's good to see the sun! For the moment, let's enjoy what we have. Let's enjoy the sun's warmth, and the day's optimism. Furthermore, let's be intentional about leveraging these sunny spring days for sake of the Gospel. Here are 2 suggestions:

1. Be Intentional about committing people's names and basic info to memory. You will most likely interact with someone in the next 6 days that you haven't seen in 6 months. Make notes when you get back home. As the saying goes, nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. The very first step in sharing the Gospel with someone might just be memorizing their name… 

2. Be intentional about slowing down and making time to be available. When the weather is nice, conversations at the mailbox or dog park that last 30 seconds in sub-zero wind chills, may extend to 30 minutes or more. Will you be able to engage that person? Taking the step to make yourself available may just be what it takes for the Holy Spirit uses to guide you into the most exciting Gospel conversation you've ever experienced…

 It's been a long winter friends! Wake up from your sleep. God may use you today!
 - Pastor Milo


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