How To Get Ordained In 5 Simple Steps

I stumbled across a website this week where people can go to authorize themselves to officiate weddings. It's used primarily by people who don't have any type of religious background, but want to have a close friend or family member perform their ceremony rather than a Justice of the Peace, or a Carnival Cruise Ship captain. While this isn't a new thing, (as there were various mail-order ordination certificates available before the birth of the internet) it does tend to reduce the value of ordination to some type of participation award. This couldn't be further from the truth. While each local church has its own method and timeline for ordination, for Protestants the process is primarily the same. That said; Biblical ordination is SIMPLE. Biblical ordination is NOT EASY. 

Step 1: Be A Follower of Christ Called By God Into Ministry Service
Before anything else, a candidate must know that Jesus is their Savior and Lord. Furthermore, they must be quite certain of a supernatural prompting toward a lifelong pursuit of spiritual service in equipping the Body of Christ.

Step 2: Be An Eager Scholar of God's Holy Word
While many will pursue higher education to make gains in "wisdom and stature," it is not a mandatory requirement. Knowing God's Word well however is. This person must love being led and being fed by the Bible.

Step 3: Be A Godly Example Of Biblical Eldership 
Scripturally, we have instructions given in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 for Elders and Pastoral Leadership. While fulfilling these criteria fully at every given moment is unattainable, a candidate is to be "above reproach."

Step 4: Be Formally Assessed By A Group Of Spiritual Juggernauts 
Most legitimate ordination councils will invite a regional cross-section of pastors, require extensive meetings, interviews, and conversations about a candidate's personal life, theological perspectives, and biblical education.

Step 5: Be Publicly Examined and Confirmed By A Bible Believing Local Church 
Based on recommendation of the ordination council, the weight of responsibility still is on the local congregation to decide to ordain a candidate. Biblically, the ordination is given by the church rather than by a council.

As I said; Biblical ordination is SIMPLE. Biblical ordination is NOT EASY. This week at Randall Church we have the privilege of participating in Step 5, with Ordination Candidate Bryan Long. Sunday, we the Pastors and Elders will lay hands on Bryan and Molly and charge them with the task of fulfilling God's call on their lives. I trust you will be in prayer as well. I trust you will celebrate with us: To God be the Glory great things He has done!

Pastor Milo


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