A Shot In The Arm For Summer Outreach

I have made it pretty public in the pulpit over the years that I am not a big fan of syringes. On multiple occasions I have passed out receiving vaccinations, giving blood, and even under the administration of novocaine. If I don’t want my knees to buckle at the potential sight of a wayward needle, I’ve found it is to my advantage to look away from the TV during a medical drama. Why put myself through it unnecessarily? So, as you could imagine, I took pause when our staff was contacted earlier this year by a large church from Memphis, Tennessee hoping to give our summer outreach a “shot in the arm.” Did I really want to do this?

A Shot In The Arm: Something that has a sudden and strong positive effect, providing encouragement and new activity. As we have shared elsewhere, this week we will be visited by the Bellevue Baptist Church Youth Choir, the home church of the late Adrian Rodgers. As promised, they are delivering a strong positive effect this summer in our church’s outreach and connection efforts to establish meaningful Gospel presence in our community. Even as I put this article together, hundreds of door flyers and gift bags are being assembled for distribution in our church’s immediate neighborhood(s). This morning we rehearsed again with students at our first annual summer music camp, so they would be prepared for a public concert in Island Park this coming Thursday evening with 200 of their new friends from Tennessee.

Here’s the thing. Now we need the church body to do it’s job. When a person gets a shot, it’s effect boosts the immune system, only because the human body steps up to the challenge and  internally takes actions that improve overall physical health. The spiritual body is no different. Our church body positively needs to respond to this outreach effort surge. We need you to be in prayer for those far from Christ. We need you to care for those far from Christ enough to offer them an opportunity to hear the Gospel in the park through music. We need you to be an active part of our follow up process by sharing your stories. Let us know the ways God moves in our community. Let those far from Christ know the ways God moves in your own life.

God, may this “shot in the arm” provide encouragement and new spiritual activity in our community. God, may we see a harvest from this time of planting. God, above all, may we make your name famous! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Pastor Milo



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