What Really Is A Community Church?

"Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let them say among the nations, 'The Lord Reigns!'"

Imagine if you will, churches cooperating with their communities, their zip codes, influencing them in ways that make life better for everyone here and now. Would that community rejoice, and say "The Lord Reigns!" regardless of their own faith tradition?

Amy Sherman provides training and consulting to churches and nonprofits as a Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute in Indianapolis. She is a strong Christian leader, has authored six books, and was named one of the 50 most influential evangelical women in America in Christianity Today (2012). As a leader, she writes: "Christians and churches can bring unique gifts to the neighborhood and communities. Do you know of anyone else who ultimately lives to give themselves away?" For instance, she believes that God has placed faith driven entrepreneurs in the marketplace to be salt and light through our actions. Faith driven entrepreneurs look to love on their employees and the broader communities around their business in a way that is exemplary and distinctive. It is certainly a great start. What about the church itself? Where should we start?

What really is a community church? What unique gifts makes it distinctive?

  • The community church should not just be "in" the community, where it takes up space in the neighborhood, and it does not desire to influence, assist, or give back to the community. This type of church is of little value.
  • The community church should not just be "to" the community, where it desires to bless and make contributions to the community but on its own terms, making itself feel better, and assuming it knows what's best for the community.
  • The community church should ultimately be "with" the community, where it serves and develops a community for reasons and methods that bring transformation to the community and church alike. This should always be a higher goal than our church(s) being recognized. When Christ is being glorified, even those far from Christ should receive a benefit.
God was alive & active in our ZIP Code(s) long before our churches set up shop, and will continue to be there long after the doors close for the final time.

What's God already doing in our community? Let's join with Him in it!

- Pastor Milo


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