The Invisible Church

The picture above is not computer generated. No, this mysterious church is actually an art installation by two Belgian designers who go by the name Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Titled "Reading Between the Lines", the piece, located in Limburg, Belgium is created entirely out of metal plates. When viewed standing in one place, a classic church appears, steeple and all. It most certainty exists, yet appears to be fading from existence before our very eyes.

Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay Christian Resources and long-time church consultant and commentator, shared an example he said is all too common: "In a drugstore catty corner to a certain church, I asked the clerk who rang up my products, 'Do you know where [the name of that church] is located?' Keep in mind that the church was visible from their parking lot, and she responded, 'I never heard of that church.' Now that tells you something, when a church is so close to someone, and she does not even know it is there."
While I was not in the drugstore to hear this conversation firsthand, I do feel like I have had the conversation numerous times over. I've had the conversation with people, after we started a new mission work in an old church building in North Tonawanda, I've had the conversation when we rented space in an old church building for a church plant in East Amherst, and sadly I've also had the conversation with the gas station attendant next door to our current church; a giant facility boasting  a massive steeple, a baseball diamond, and a generous parking lot. Randall Church is located at a key location in plain sight on Main Street on one of the busiest roads in Williamsville, yet to some it remains invisible. 
What do you think it would require for this church, or any church for that matter, to become visible to the community surrounding it? Do you think it would be better signage, better programs, better facilities, or better preaching? Would that do it? Do you think that would get them to come? I doubt it. You see, the Gospel I read about in Scripture never requires people to come. It always requires that Jesus followers go!
Lord teach us to go!
- Pastor Milo


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