Keeping Our Church Safe During A Health Crisis

I'm almost positive that you have been paying attention to the Coronavirus-19 that is here in the United States, amidst all the reality and hype that is going along with this, we need to be reminded that we can have hope in time of uncertainty and fear because of who we serve, Jesus Christ. Randall Church has a long heritage of faith, and while there were certainly anxious days along the way, God sustained this body of believers through many years of trials, both domestic and international, and will continue to do so in the uncertain days ahead.

We know we do not need to panic, but we should probably consider these things and be prepared. If our neighbor ECC is closing down beginning on the 19th, and if banks, schools, airlines, etc. are considering it, we know that our ministries are even more critically and eternally important than those, and so we want to prepare our church to be prepared as such.

We are being very diligent in our facility cleaning, as well as providing sanitizer in each classroom, and in common areas, as long as our supplies last. In our kids areas, we are spraying all toys and surfaces with Shaklee after each Sunday use. If you are not familiar, this is a product safe for kids and proven to work better than bleach. We will not be bringing our children into our worship gatherings during the foreseeable future. While typically we have them join us for a portion of our gathering, we will contain them in the RandallKids classrooms, away from our most prone to sickness, our senior saints. However, in the 1st-5th grade groups we are intentionally addressing children's fears about the virus through praying, verses, as well as some humor and talking about how the church will help each other should one of our families catch it. (What a great opportunity to apply the truths we teach them to everyday life!)

We will be adjusting our worship services in order to become additionally accessible through online streaming on Facebook. We have used and tested this platform for previous inclimate weather Sundays, and while there will still be a learning curve for all of us, we believe we can continue to support growing relationships and connectivity with one another online. Right now, we are doing this as a precautionary measure, and have no plans to cancel services this coming weekend, but if it grows and becomes a health risk to gather in person with one another, we will be prepared for that possibility as well.

Practically speaking, please don’t forget that our ministry, as well as our ministry partners is and are supported through the generous giving of our people. Online donations at is the best way to ensure our missionary partner checks continue to go out on time, as well as supporting our church as we “keep the lights on” with our many programs and groups that meet each week.

We remain in prayer for all those affected, particularly our mission partners around the world. While we do not foresee any long-term cessation of mission activity, our partners certainly have heightened risks as they seek to carry the Gospel forward.

Lord we trust you. You make all things new. May you show yourself faithful.

 - Pastor Milo


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